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Our Approach

At AMC., we believe that every student has the potential to excel and succeed.

we have meticulously developed and honed wide-ranging expertise in the education sector, in particular, in foreign education, through recruitment of highly qualified and experienced staff, careful and sustained research and training, and thorough internal monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

We leverage our expertise to make sure that each student can achieve her or his fullest potential.

Simplifying the application process

We make the university application process as easy as possible. Our trained and experienced staff help students in completing all necessary application forms and provide them with all the necessary support they need to meet application requirements. As a student progresses through the various application stages, we make that she has a single point of contact throughout her journey.

Extensive range of partner organizations

We have carefully chosen each of our partnering organization keeping in view the quality of academics they can offer, level of excellence of facilities they can provide to students, and their ability to cater to the needs of international students, in particular Pakistani and Arab students from the Persian Gulf and the Greater Middle East region.

Full range of courses

We strive to improve access of students to the widest array of educational programs possible. In this, we hope to enable access to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, credit transfer mechanisms, and professional development courses and diplomas. At once, we look to increase the range of courses available to the student bodies we cater to ranging from business-related subjects and engineering to arts, humanities and social sciences. Our hope is make sure that each student can do what she dreams of doing and what she feels is best for her life and career.

Year-round applications

Understanding the needs of our students, we process applications throughout the year. In this, we work closely with our partnering organizations as well as our students to make sure that correct information reaches relevant persons on a timely basis.

Accelerated admission decisions

We understand that students are anxious to get quick decisions on their applications to universities. We work closely with our partnering organizations, building trust and deepening our relationship, and make sure that students can get admission decisions on an accelerated basis

Continued advice and support

We believe that the need for advice and support does not dissipate once a student arrives at a university campus. We remain deeply engaged with our students, maintaining sustained contact. We continue to offer advice and other forms of support to our students as they move forward in their academic lives.